I dream of perfection. 


How many films have you been inspired by? For me, there aren’t many. Movies generally make me laugh or cry, but it’s rare when watching a film shifts my perspective about life. One film that stands out for me is the documentary, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” It is about an 85-year old, Michelin reviewed sushi master shares what I believe is the meaning of life. In his tiny 10-seat restaurant in Japan, Jiro speaks with great conviction, that one must find something one loves and work extremely hard to master it. “You must dedicate your life to mastering this skill. This is the key to success.”

I was deeply touched by the passion Jiro had about his work. What I got out of this movie was the pursuit of perfecting one’s craft. For over decades, Jiro has been on a mission to reach new levels of perfection. What surprised me most is Jiro stating that he’s “ecstatic all day.” How fortunate is he to do work that makes him feel that good?

I’ve reflected on whether it’s worth pouring my heart and soul into all that I choose to do. It takes time, energy, effort… all scarce resources. Working, writing, doing research, living… these are things I want to do and do well.

But sometimes when I’m tired of doing it all, I wonder, wouldn’t it be better to get by doing the minimum? Isn’t that easier? Sure, but does it make you feel ecstatic? No way.

You may want to be a sushi chef, musician, writer, parent. Whatever you choose, dedicate yourself to it, don’t complain about it, and strive for perfection.


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By Yon Na

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