I spent this past weekend with my Mom and my relatives in Northern California. During my short visit, I got to disengage from life in corporate America. Since my weekdays typically consists of sitting with an executive and/or their team discussing ways to enhance organizational effectiveness, the past few days were very different for me.

I stepped out into my Aunt’s garden and appreciated the beauty of red roses.

Rose garden

I ate Korean bibimbap that my Mom made for me (with love).

Korean food

For 48 hours, I had a chance to spend time in a world far away from the hectic business environment.

The conversations with my family were mostly about food, the health of loved ones, and the antics of our dogs.

I also got to spend time with the three dogs who live in the house.

I took deep breaths of the fresh air.

Dogs are walking

When I was growing up, it was rare for me to share my life with my “elders.” Research shows that one of the Asian Cultural Values is exhibiting deference to those who are older or in positions of authority. So when I was younger, I didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to share my thoughts or voice my opinions to my relatives, and as a result, I withheld my true identity from them.

But over the weekend, sitting with my Mom, Aunts, and Uncle and engaging in easy-going conversations was comforting and in some ways, rewarding. I felt as though I found a place where I belonged.

From L to R: me, My Mom, my Aunt & her daughter, and my Aunt.

My family

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