Morning Pages

The start of any work week can be difficult; no matter if you love or dislike what you do.

Sometimes it’s because we’re anticipating something – a big project, meeting or event. Other times, we’re just eager to get the week started. Ideas and thoughts dance around in our minds, and sometimes it’s difficult to gain clarity.

A decade ago, when I went through a series of traumatic experiences, the antidote toward recovery was writing in my morning pages (from Julia Cameron’s notable book, the Artist’s Way). The practice is writing three pages of longhand; encapsulating whatever is on your mind in the first moments of when you wake up. You write without judgment or real-time editing.

I’ve reinstated a ritual recently here at my desk. Not because I’m not experiencing any trauma. I find it’s a calming, peaceful way to start the day.

It’s helping me to clear my mind so I can make way for creativity.

Computer, writing desk

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