It’s the middle of November, and I know many of us are bracing for the chaos that’s about to emerge. But each year, we somehow manage through the season. We are resilient in many ways and don’t acknowledge our strengths often enough. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I’m pausing to remember why we celebrate. It’s a time for expressing gratitude and I have much to be...

What does your life have to do with a snow globe?

Have you ever looked inside of a snow globe? You see a miniature home with a slanted rooftop, a tree out front, and a white picket fence surrounding the home as if to protect it. Snow globes are meant to be shaken up. When you pick it up and shake it, the tiny snowflakes go swirling into the air and each shimmering flake finds its own place in the glass globe. Life is like this in many ways...

I dream of perfection. 

  How many films have you been inspired by? For me, there aren’t many. Movies generally make me laugh or cry, but it’s rare when watching a film shifts my perspective about life. One film that stands out for me is the documentary, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” It is about an 85-year old, Michelin reviewed sushi master shares what I believe is the meaning of life. In his tiny 10-seat...

Thanks, Ponyboy.

When I was in middle school, my girlfriends and I sat through two rounds of watching Francis Ford Coppola’s movie, The Outsiders. As middle school girls, we were thrilled to see a bunch of famous “heartthrobs” in one film. The movie was adapted from S.E. Hinton’s book about a group of boys growing up in the “Greaser” gang. They run into trouble with the opposing gang, “The...


Hello, my name is Yon.

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