Asian Women in Leadership – Research Finding #2: Receiving Guidance and Help

A few weeks ago, I presented my research findings on Asian women leaders’ corporate journeys to a group of high-achieving Asian professionals at Medtronic, a multi-billion dollar company. This opportunity came because a former Johnson & Johnson colleague connected me to one of her superstar team members, Janet. Janet and I bonded over coffee and at the end of our talk, she asked if I’d...


I spent this past weekend with my Mom and my relatives in Northern California. During my short visit, I got to disengage from life in corporate America. Since my weekdays typically consists of sitting with an executive and/or their team discussing ways to enhance organizational effectiveness, the past few days were very different for me. I stepped out into my Aunt’s garden and appreciated...

Fairygodboss: Why Every Company Needs A Chief Diversity Officer

Recruiting, compensation, benefits, employee relations, leadership development, employee engagement, change management, and diversity and inclusion. These are the areas that comprise the human resources profession. Now that diversity and inclusion is a business imperative, the pressure is on more than ever for HR. But which position is responsible for the successful management of D&I? Is the...

Fairygodboss: 3 Things Asian Women Are Sick of Hearing at Work

As a Korean-born woman who began working in corporate America in the 1990s, I’ve experienced some situations that made me feel like I was different, and as a result, felt like I did not belong. Being Asian, a woman, short, and looking young for my age, I have heard many statements that upset me over the years, and at times, those words prevented me from feeling included and inhibited my ability...

Fairygodboss: What it’s Like to Go on Interviews As a Woman of Color

When I first started working in the early 1990s, it seemed like everyone who was in a position of power was the opposite of me: they were older, they were male, and they were white. Luckily, over the past 20 years, the demographics of those in charge have begun to shift. As an interview candidate in the workforce now, I’ve noticed that more than ever, hiring managers are often women, and at...


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