Yon Na, Ph.D. Advancing Asian women at the workplace through Research + Storytelling


Be Bold. Move Forward.

I purchased an Airstream trailer in 2013. It weighs 4,500 pounds, and it hitches to a VW Touareg. When I first bought the trailer, I had no idea how to hitch, didn’t know a thing about towing, and was definitely clueless about the inner-workings of the bathroom plumbing.

Morning Pages

The start of any work week can be difficult; no matter if you love or dislike what you do. Sometimes it’s because we’re anticipating something – a big project, meeting or event. Other times, we’re just eager to get the week started. Ideas and thoughts dance around in our minds, and sometimes it’s difficult to gain clarity. A decade ago, when I went through a series...

My Relationship with Age

I have always had a complicated relationship with age. My family left Korea when I was eight years old. And when I entered the U.S. school system, I was placed in the 1st grade instead of 2nd because I didn’t know the English language. That meant I was a year to year and a half older than my classmates… all the way through high school. When my birthday would come around, I’d tell my friends I was...


I’ve made a major life decision… and it’s to step away from my full-time job at Warner Bros. It’s not that I don’t enjoy what I do. It’s not that I don’t LOVE the people I work with. It’s because of the tick-tock of a big birthday looming; forcing me to take a step back to examine the road ahead. I need time to figure out how I can live the life of a scholar-practitioner… as a...

The Chrysalis

I’m in the midst of collaborating on a project, and I needed to refer back to my dissertation. I wrote these words over a year ago, and yet, I feel as though they describe the current state I am in. …without a doubt, I have been profoundly affected by examining the experiences of the women in this study. When I began the recruitment procedures through a recruitment email, I had asked...

Yon Na, Ph.D. Advancing Asian women at the workplace through Research + Storytelling

Hello, my name is Yon.

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