I’ve made a major life decision… and it’s to step away from my full-time job at Warner Bros. It’s not that I don’t enjoy what I do. It’s not that I don’t LOVE the people I work with. It’s because of the tick-tock of a big birthday looming; forcing me to take a step back to examine the road ahead. I need time to figure out how I can live the life of a scholar-practitioner… as a...

The Chrysalis

I’m in the midst of collaborating on a project, and I needed to refer back to my dissertation. I wrote these words over a year ago, and yet, I feel as though they describe the current state I am in. …without a doubt, I have been profoundly affected by examining the experiences of the women in this study. When I began the recruitment procedures through a recruitment email, I had asked...

One Woman’s Story: From India to Success in a Fortune 100 Company

Welcome to the first post in a series showcasing inspiring Asian women. The goal here is to bring to light voices of strong, empathetic, and successful women who have overcome barriers in life. In this first story, you’ll meet Sandy, an Asian immigrant woman who is currently serving as a senior executive in a Fortune 100 company. What I love about Sandy’s story is her strong sense of...

Calling All Asian Immigrant Women

Last week, I shared the third finding from my research study on Asian women in leadership. For several women who achieved levels of success in corporate America, their next challenge was to share their message and inspire other women. Whether this was done through a conference, community event or even this research study, the women expressed a desire to share their stories and contribute to the...

Asian Women in Leadership – Research Finding #3: Using Language as a Tool

During my time in corporate America, I’ve known many leaders who were exceptional communicators. The leaders who stood out were ones who used plain language (no corporate jargon), provided context (so I can understand the big picture), and were open (shared what they knew). I’d like to share the third and final research finding from my study on the experiences of Asian immigrant women...


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